Sunday, 28 September 2008

The rest of my Daemons, for now...

First up, the followers of Porn. All of my stuff was going to be Slaanesh flavoured to start with but I gave up on that idea in the end, not before I'd coverted my bloodletter though. To keep a bit of consistancy the rest of my Khorne, now Porn, stuff ended up bright orange and a bit pervy.
Greater Daemon of Porn, The Lovethirster.This fella usually stands in as Skarbrand.Pleasures of the Flesh hounds. Basically just old school cold ones with the boss getting a head swap.
Joining my Horror Proxies are this scratch build herald on disk.Some scratch built screamersAnd some old school flamers.

And finally the mainstay of the army, Slaanesh.

Fiends unit 1...
...Unit 2......and unit 3!

36 Daemonettes
A token unit of Seekers
A lovely old fashioned Keeper of Secrets.
A couple of Soul Grinders round out this here cheesefest quite nicely.


Dave said...

Oh dear, oh dear. Not enough sculpting to do & too much time on your hands clearly.
Not enough 70s facial hair &/or mullets for this to be an accurate army methinks. Or do I need to up date the adult viewing at EVM Towers?

Pips & nips
Ps the word verification thing to post this was "sub u lay" which made me smile a tad.

Jason said...

How did you make the screamers? I am trying t make my own and am stuck for ideas.

Soapy said...

The screamer bodies are 20mm precut MDF bases with a bit of thin plastic card stuck to each side. The horns are from the bloodletter heads I didn't use and the tail ends are made from the hand guards of the bloodletter swords. The tails themselves are a bit of wire. Green stuff was used to cover the gaps and smooth everything out. Some of them had half of a bloodletter sword used for spines along the back and then each had some sand used to disguise the outlines and help hide the shoddy construction. I neede them for a game on a Monday and they were built and painted on the Saturday before and based on the Sunday. The whole thing is so slapdash that I don't let people look underneath as you can see all of the scrap bits used to make them!

Stay lucky,