Sunday, 24 April 2011

Superhero gaming- Justice League International

Justice League America
Justice League Europe

Monday, 14 March 2011

Inquisitor Coteaz conversion WIP

Didn't fancy spending £10.25 on a single figure so I decided to spend the evening spamming up a proxy. Eagle and a few other bits to finish but he's pretty much there.

Friday, 30 October 2009

The Praetorian guard Fortian Expeditionary force pt 3

Penal legion squad and Enforcer with brolly
Praetorian Grenadiers

Platoon command squad: Flamer, vox, Lt, medic, Flamer
Second platoon HQ in case I decide to run the troops as 2 platoons: Medic, vox, Lt, plasma, guardsman.
A squad
All four squads
Missile Launchers
Heavy Bolters

The Praetorian guard Fortian Expeditionary force pt 2

More guard, this time the vehicles. I hate painting these and despite giving three or four drybrushes once varnished all of the highlights were to subtle to be visible. The weathering helps but I can't really be bothered to go back and re do them.

Tanks are standard but the chimera and banewolf are based on mod
els by old crow.

There are four Chimera proxies in the army one of which usually plays the part of the banewolf thanks to a handy lift off top plate conversion.



The Praetorian guard Fortian Expeditionary force pt 1

The majority of models in this army have been sitting around in boxes for most of the 10 years or so since they were released. I decided that with the release of the latest Imperial Guard codex it was time they got to see the tabletop! I added a few bits in here and there and converted up some of the Cadians that haven't been used since I bought the Guard mega deal at the launch of the last guard codex...The army was painted over a fortnight using flat colours and a dip. I'd love to have given these boys the love they deserve but I'd much rather they were painted and on the table than a few well painted and in a box.
There were quite a few Mordian models mixed in with the Praetorians and to give them all a cohesive look I be-headed them and used TWDC French Foreign Legion tropical service helmets instead. I used the same heads to make my grenadiers except that for them I used the master casting which were a bit larger and so fitted better on the Cadian bodies.
There is more to come for this army but at least for now they are a playable force.

Grenadier Colonel for those game where I don't want to use Straken

Commissar Lord

Colonel Straken and command squad. The Drummer represents the Vox (although the medic carries one too in case people quibble).

Regimental Advisors. Two bodyguards, a master of the Fleet/ordinance (depending which I need) and a classic astropath.

Guardsman Marbo

Scratch build Ogryn squad and their truck (chimera) transport

Psyker battle squad and handler.

Traitor 4th Co.

All of my marine armies share the same colour scheme, this makes it easy to swap models around if I decide to drastically change my lists. My chaos renegade force is made up of the forth company of the chapter who were seconded to Inquisitor Maul. Maul went radical, fell to chaos and became a Daemon Prince. Those members of the 4th company unwilling to follow him were subjected to a form of this rubric of Ahriman and doomed to spend eternity as walking suits of power armour slaved to Maul through his sorcerer. The rest of the detachment were willing disciples and surrendered to the lure of chaos willingly.

Traitor Captain: Chaos Lord
The Fiend Maul: Traitor inquisitor and Daemon Prince

Plague Marines and their Rhino, the rust bucket.

The loyal remnant: Thousand sons and aspiring sorcerer

Chaos renegades

Possessed, styled to match my Daemon army.

Monday, 9 February 2009


A new Greater Daemon for the horde, a scratch built Fateweaver. I cut a lot of corners on this one but I think it turned out okay.