Friday, 30 October 2009

The Praetorian guard Fortian Expeditionary force pt 1

The majority of models in this army have been sitting around in boxes for most of the 10 years or so since they were released. I decided that with the release of the latest Imperial Guard codex it was time they got to see the tabletop! I added a few bits in here and there and converted up some of the Cadians that haven't been used since I bought the Guard mega deal at the launch of the last guard codex...The army was painted over a fortnight using flat colours and a dip. I'd love to have given these boys the love they deserve but I'd much rather they were painted and on the table than a few well painted and in a box.
There were quite a few Mordian models mixed in with the Praetorians and to give them all a cohesive look I be-headed them and used TWDC French Foreign Legion tropical service helmets instead. I used the same heads to make my grenadiers except that for them I used the master casting which were a bit larger and so fitted better on the Cadian bodies.
There is more to come for this army but at least for now they are a playable force.

Grenadier Colonel for those game where I don't want to use Straken

Commissar Lord

Colonel Straken and command squad. The Drummer represents the Vox (although the medic carries one too in case people quibble).

Regimental Advisors. Two bodyguards, a master of the Fleet/ordinance (depending which I need) and a classic astropath.

Guardsman Marbo

Scratch build Ogryn squad and their truck (chimera) transport

Psyker battle squad and handler.

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Col. Ackland said...

a Very cool army. nice work :)