Friday, 30 October 2009

Traitor 4th Co.

All of my marine armies share the same colour scheme, this makes it easy to swap models around if I decide to drastically change my lists. My chaos renegade force is made up of the forth company of the chapter who were seconded to Inquisitor Maul. Maul went radical, fell to chaos and became a Daemon Prince. Those members of the 4th company unwilling to follow him were subjected to a form of this rubric of Ahriman and doomed to spend eternity as walking suits of power armour slaved to Maul through his sorcerer. The rest of the detachment were willing disciples and surrendered to the lure of chaos willingly.

Traitor Captain: Chaos Lord
The Fiend Maul: Traitor inquisitor and Daemon Prince

Plague Marines and their Rhino, the rust bucket.

The loyal remnant: Thousand sons and aspiring sorcerer

Chaos renegades

Possessed, styled to match my Daemon army.

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